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What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is a psychotherapeutic practice that uses the creative art process as a pathway for healing and growth.

Art Therapy bridges the conscious with the unconscious

The Benefits of Art Therapy:

  • Improve parent/child relationship

  • Become emotionally expressive

  • Develop social skills

  • Improve school performance

  • Decrease depression and anxiety

  • Learn healthy coping strategies

  • Reduce behavioral outbursts and defiance

  • Elevate self-awareness and self-esteem

  • Move development along in specific areas

  • Heal from trauma and loss

  • Channel anger and guilt

Art Therapy is used for the mental health treatment of children and adolescents who experience anxiety, depression, stress, illness, family adjustments, developmental delays and trauma and loss.

Through Art Therapy, insight is gained to connect behaviors with emotions. The process of Art Therapy repairs inner conflicts and develops empowerment from bringing order to chaos.

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