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Creativity & Healing

It is through the creative process that we connect with our authentic selves and find healing...

With Art Therapy, healing comes from the freedom of creative expression and uses the creative process to meet life’s challenges. Utilizing creativity to cope through life’s challenges can help deliver the gift of increased self-awareness and insight. We’ve all seen young children uninhibited in the art making process. Excitedly, they use line and color to express their worlds. The act of creating produces flow and centered mindfulness. Both children and adults can enjoy the intuitive awareness that they are the instrument engaged in creating their own intention or goal and find healing through the art making process.

How Creativity Activates Healing

The art making process is filled with creative energy and flow. This is the true meaning of the creative process…the true healing art therapy allows.

What works best to encourage creativity? The creative arts offer a multitude of techniques and mediums. The personal choice to paint, draw, sculpt, use photography or create a collage comes from an inner need to connect and non-verbally communicate. Give artistic voice to what your intuitive or visceral sensations tell you. Symbolic art expression has multiple levels of meaning. Explore your personal symbols and examine any universal meaning to gain increased self-awareness and gain more indepth insight.

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