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Mary Pellicci Hamilton, ATR-BC, LPC
Child & Adolescent Therapist
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Many parents worry whether their child is adjusting well to changes within their family structure due to divorce or unexpected loss. They often are concerned whether their child is struggling with issues such as parental loyalty, fear of abandonment, and grief. Typically, children coping with their parents’ divorce or the loss of a parent will either internalize their feelings or the opposite, externalize their feelings. Internalized symptoms are more commonly expressed in girls who mask their emotions of fear and anger by taking on an adult-like role in the new family system often worrying about their parents and siblings. Girls may also develop physical symptoms often related to anxiety and depression such as headaches, stomach upset, and/or fatigue. Boys generally externalize their feelings of anger through their outward negative behaviors. Externalized symptoms may result in acting out in school such as a decline in academic performance, getting into fights, causing trouble for no reason, and arguing with others.  
If you or a teacher is concerned about your child’s anxiety or behavior and ability to manage, then your son or daughter will benefit from an assessment and professional help. 
We will work together on developing treatment goals and meet regularly to discuss your child’s progress and any concerns. 
Specializing in Children's Divorce Adjustment
Trauma and Loss 
Childhood Anxiety Disorders

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